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The Mid March Garden.

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender March 17, 2013 Posted Tags: , , , , , Comment No Comments

The weather has been completely mad the last week or so. It started with warm sunny weather with spring like temperatures. Then came snow, then sun, then snow and so on... Saturday was damp but mild with the sun trying hard to get out. Woke this sunday morning to a very wet, partially flooded garden after heavy rain overnight. Now as I sit at the computer, it's snowing, heavily... and laying!! Never mind mad March hares, it's mad March weather!! Still there is lots of work to be done inside. I have seedlings to pot on... Tomato, lettuce, leek and flowers seedlings need to be moved into individual pots or modules, and if this weather continues, I will be starting lots more veg inside. I have started sweet peas in toilet tubes and they are growing well in the cold growhouse. As

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Kale Extravaganza!

Person Author: Helene Coleman Calender December 16, 2012 Posted Tags: , , , , , , , , Comment No Comments
Lots of kale!

It’s a short blog today as this weekend we’ve been busy getting ready for our trip to India! We fly to Kerala on Friday evening for Christmas and New Year so needless to day are pretty excited about where we’re going to be spending the holidays! Anyway, today we went down to the allotment to pick some veg for our Sunday roast that Steve is busy cooking at the moment. We picked the last of our parsnips and cut some leaves from our ‘cut and come again’ kale plants, which have done really well this year. We have four varieties of kale –‘Black’, ‘Red Russian’, 'Redbor F1’ and ‘Westland Winter’ which will hopefully keep us going until the spring. Tonight, we’ve got a bit of each with our dinner, in what can best be described as a kale extravaganza! Christma

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Growing Parsnips

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender November 18, 2012 Posted Tags: , , Comment No Comments

The parsnip [ Pastinaca sativa ] is related to the carrot and was brought to Britain by the Romans. It is a very hardy root vegetable and is wonderful when roasted. It also makes a great addition to casserole, soups and stews and is a must for the Christmas dinner table. Parnips are quite easy to grow and require little maintenence. They can be left in the garden, even in the coldest weather. Parsnips are usually sown in early spring, and if successive sowings are made, parsnips can be harvested from autumn right through the winter. Soil Preparation. Dont add fresh manure to the area you are going to sow your parsnips as this can cause to growing roots to fork or split. Parsnips can grow quite long and large, so a good deep, stone free soil is best. Like carrots, they prefer a well d

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Parsnips and Ripening Butternut Squash

Person Author: Helene Coleman Calender November 7, 2012 Posted Tags: , , Comment 2 Comments
Harvested parnsips

Last Sunday, in between the rain showers, we managed to get down to the allotment for a couple of hours. When we started our allotment we were given a strip of parsnip seeds in a planting tape which we planted straight away. We harvested our first batch of these last weekend. They are definitely the neatest vegetable that we have sown, as they grew in a lovely straight line and we are really rather pleased with how they turned out. The parsnips seemed to grow well in our sandy soil too and didn’t require much love and attention, so we’ll definitely be planting those again next year. Back in the spring, we planted out our butternut squash that we’d grown from seed called ‘Rugosa’. They did really well over the past couple of months but during September they really failed to

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