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Spring is FINALLY here!

Person Author: Helene Coleman Calender April 19, 2013 Posted Tags: , , , , , , Comment No Comments
Peas ready for planting out.

As the evenings are getting longer, we’ve been lucky enough to spend a couple of evenings after work down on the plot. And what’s made it even better is that the sun has been shining! This means we can get on with all the jobs that have been put on hold from last month because of the freezing weather! So this week we planted out our ‘Douce Provence’ peas into our raised beds. They’d come on well at home in the cardboard toilet roll holders we planted them in and we just planted them out in these. Steve put some branches/twigs into the bed for the peas to climb up, as he thinks he saw it on Gardeners World or something! I’m not convinced, I think they just need caning, but we’ll see! We planted the peas alongside our other broad beans, so now we have all the legumes in

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Container Potatoes.

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender January 20, 2013 Posted Tags: , , , , , , Comment 1 Comment

There is nothing much better from the veg garden, than the first new potatoes. Served with butter and fresh mint, to me that is heaven. I dont have an allotment and I have only a moderate sized garden, so I grow potatoes in containers. I concentrate on growing first and second earlies only, but you can grow maincrops too. Containers. You can grow your potatoes in any container but the bigger the better. You can use pots, tubs, buckets, old compost sacks or specialist potato growing bags. You can even use old dustbins and stacked tyres. I have used the large sized reuseable bags bought from supermarkets for about 40p. They even have handles on for easy moving. Whatever container you use, you will need to make some drainage holes. I find drainage holes work best if made along the s

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The Freezing Weather.

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender January 18, 2013 Posted Tags: , , , , , , Comment No Comments

I know that it's January and it's winter, but bimey it's cold. At least there's no more mud, the ground has frozen solid and is as hard as iron. I have 5 outdoor cats, a stray that adopted me a couple of years ago, who then gave me a present of 4 kittens. Thankfully they are all neutered, so no more.  They have two nice warm 'cat houses' and I keep them well fed. When feeding them the last two mornings, their food was freezing before they could eat it all. I had to bring their bowls indoors, warm it up then let them finish breakfast. Thats cold. I was putting out water both for them and also some for the birds, that froze within minutes! Lots of birds are coming to the feeders. I have put out peanuts, fatballs, fruit and sunflower hearts. The birds that visit are, sparrows, blue tits,

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