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Competition Winning Pumpkin and the Consequent Glut…..!

Person Author: Helene Coleman Calender November 4, 2012 Posted Tags: , , , , , Comment 1 Comment
Our 14kg pumpkin!

The allotment we belong to holds an annual Halloween pumpkin growing competition. We’d never grown a pumpkin before, but thought we’d enter and have it as another vegetable ticked off our ‘attempted to grow’ list. We were given a Big Max seedling in May which we planted into a circular trench to aid water retention (unbeknownst to us we didn’t really need to worry about that given this year’s summer deluge!). We dug plenty of compost into the trench from the allotment compost heap, minus the little bits of plastic bags and general non-biodegradable rubbish that inevitably finds it’s way into communal compost heaps, along with a couple of spades of straw. We thought the addition of straw would add aeration around the root system. We hadn’t read that this was necessarily

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