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Strip or not to strip

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender June 28, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment 1 Comment

Have you ever wondered if you should remove the lower leaves of your tomato plants? Once someone showed me a picture with hardly any leaves on his tomato plants, wasn’t a pretty sight, it was like a sheep after shearing, and then he wondered why the fruits did not grow bigger. It is just like everything else in life, do it with moderation! It is wrong to think that exposing the fruits to direct sunlight will encourage them to ripen faster; it is actually the right temperature which speeds up ripening and not the sunlight. In the greenhouse especially direct sunlight on the fruits can be harmful as it could overheat the fruits and blotchy patches will appear on them. I know it is not really a problem outdoors right now, but indoor tomatoes already bear fruits and I will have to paint m

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