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Blossom End Rot

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender July 10, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment No Comments

Yes I was waiting for the day when I can pick my first sweet pepper and within a few days look what happened to my precious fruit. The plant is big and healthy but I was very silly and kept the greenhouse door shut for days because of the cold weather and the humidity was about 100% in there; my big mistake. Blossom end rot is a fruit disorder of tomatoes, aubergines and peppers.  This non parasitic damage can be very serious at times and but if you take action after the first occurence you will have some harvest a bit later in the season, as the blossom end rot normally appears on the first fruits. Symptoms The most common symptom is a small watery rotting spot on the blossom end of the fruit just when the fruits begin to mature. It can appear at earlier stages too while the fr

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