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Saving Seeds – Flowers

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender August 16, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment No Comments

It's mid-August and an ideal time to save your own flower seeds. Lots of flowers either have or are starting to set seed. A quick walk around my own garden and I found about 20 different flower seeds to collect. Flower seeds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are large and easily collected, like Sweet Peas, Cerinthe and Morning Glory. Other seeds can be very small and fine, like Poppies, Foxgloves and Lobelia. The best time to harvest the seed is when the pods are starting to go pale brown. It doesnt matter if the pods still have some green, but the seed will have better germination if it is mature. Poppies for example can be harvested when pale green and still give good viable seed. There are a number of ways you can collect seeds. The easiest way is to walk round the garde

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Saving Seeds – Peas and Beans

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender August 1, 2012 Posted Tags: , , Comment 1 Comment

The saving of seeds from crops you have grown, can have a number of benefits. It allows you to have an amount of seeds that would be costly to buy, also if you select carefully, over time you can develop your own strain. Many older gardener kept seeds from each years crops, selecting from the best plants. By selecting the plants that produced seeds that had good germination, strong growth and produced good healthy crops, a local strain could be developed that grew well in their locality on their allotment or garden. Many heritage varieties were saved from extinction because of saved seeds found stored in garden or allotment sheds. Some of the easiest seeds for the amatuer gardener to save are legume family, this includes peas, mangetout, broad, runner, climbing and dwarf beans. It is best

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