Wildflower Cornfield Annuals Mix 3g


A great annual mix of 5 wildflower species. This wildflower mix has a long flowering period from May till September. A wonderful wildflower seed mix of yellow, red, purple, blue and white flowers.

Great to sow it is bee and butterfly attractive flower mix. Just scatter the seeds on a well prepared area in the garden in early spring.

If you want to grow them again the following year at the same spot, you can as these flowers self seed, just disturb the soil in the autumn so that the seeds get underground, they will grow again in the following spring.


15% Corn marigold or corn daisy, Glebionis segetum: The flowers have a huge amount of nectar, excellent for bees and butterflies. Blooms between June and August, medium height, daisy like yellow flowers.

15% Corn Poppy, Papaver rhoeas: The common poppy that was growing in every meadow in the UK. Beautiful red flowers from May till July.

10% Corn Chamomile, Anthemis arvensis: It is also called field chamomile and mayweed. Small daisy like, white flowers on 40 cm tall stems.

20% Cornflower, Centaurea cyanus: The true wild cornflowers, the bees favourite in the garden. Long up to 70 cm tall stems have wonderful blue flowers from June till August.

40% Corncockle, Agrostemma githago: The slightly hairy plants produce wonderful purple flowers on long, up to 110 cm stems.

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