Cornflower Wild 200 seeds


This cornflower, Cantaurea cyanus, is the native cornflower if the British Isles. Loved by bees and oother pollinators it is a great addition to any border and around the vegetable garden to encourge benefical insects. 

This cornflower will atrract all the right bees and butterflies into the garden. Very easy to grow from seeds, just scatter the seeds in the spring where you want the flowers to grow and you do not even have to cover them but of course it does help so the seeds not get blow away in the wind or get eaten by birds or mice. 

Germination should take 7 - 14 dyas depending on the daytime temperatures. Sow between late March and - early June.

We have the cornflower double mix seeds and the ball strain black cornflower seeds available to buy.

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