Chamomile 1500 seeds
  • Chamomile 1500 seeds

Chamomile 1500 seeds


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Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) is a medicinal herb. Flowering throughout the summer. Used for centuries to make tea which aids sleeping.

Widely used in the cosmetic industry. Has anti-inflammatory properties and is also often used to enhance the colour of blonde hair. Chamomile grows well in any type of soil and can tolerate partial shade. The pretty diasy like flowers are a great addition to any herb or flower bed.

Sow the chamomile seeds thinly from early spring 0.5 cm deep, inside into a good quality seed compost. Place the seed trays into a plastic bag to aid germination. Or sow the seeds direct outside where they are to flower, from late April when the soil warms up during the day. Well prepared and drained soil is recommended.

Pot the seedlings on into larger pots and grow them inside until the plants about 15 cm tall. Plant out into ordinary garden soil, and control growth if needed.

Can tolerate some shade, great under small fruit trees.

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