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Nasturtium Tall Climbing Mix 30 seeds

Nasturtium Tall Climbing Mix produce wide range of colours. A great climber and can be used as a groundcover and climbing up fences, buildings, trellis. Nasturtium are not only easy to grow and pretty to look at, they are hard-working, edible flowers that more than earn their spot in any home...
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Castor Oil Plant, Ricinus 10 seeds

Castor oil plant can reach a height of 1-2 metres. Gives a tropical feel to any garden. The glossy leaves are 15–45 cm long, long-stalked, alternate and palmate with 5–12 deep lobes with coarsely- toothed segments. Colour varies from dark green, sometimes with a reddish tinge, to dark reddish...
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Annual Ornamental Grass mix 500 seeds

A great annual ornamental mix with various species. Excellent for cut flower production and also for drying. Sow the the annual grass seeds in trays in a good seed compost on the surface; just slightly cover the seeds with fine compost. Keep temperature at 15-18 Celsius, or you can sow...