Cornflower Ball Strain Classic Magic 100 seeds


Cornflower Ball Strain Classic Magic seeds are very popular in the UK and they an easy to grow hardy annual. Large double blooms. Up to 90 cm tall plants makes this strain an excellent variety for cutting and drying. Cornflowers are easy to grow, just scatter them in the spring where they are to grow. We also have the wild native cornflower, and compact Polka Dot cornflower.

Cut the dead heads and the plants will keep producing throught the growing season. Great addition to summer borders, attracts wildlife.

Cornflower, a UK native, comes in a range of colors and are quite easy to grow. They are a favorite of gardeners for their beauty, variety, and absolute ease of care. Blooming from early June through late August, this tall lanky plant with it's vivid single flower blooms is an eye-catcher.

Growing to a height of 1-3 feet, these flowers add a striking element to your garden. They don't need a lot of horizontal space which means they can grow in small garden spaces. Cornflowers tall upright stems and small bright flowers make a brilliant filler for a garden border. They grow either single or double flowers and can easily fit between other plantings.

The flowers range from deep purple to light purple, with white bi coloured petals.

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