Zinnia Giant Cactus Flowered Mix 50 seeds


Zinnia elegans - Giant Cactus flowered mix has large single flowers on strong growing stems, reaching up to 80 cm. The pointy petals are very attractive, wide range of colours. Excellent as a cut flower.

Sow the zinna in April in small pots about 0.5 cm deep in good quality seed compost. Alternatively sow directly outside where the plants are to grow in May when the soil has warmed up in your area. Keep the seeds at a temperature of 20 Celsius, germination usually 10-20 days. Placing the pods into a plastic bag can aid germanitaion, especially if you sow in an unheated greenhouse. Make sure that the compost is slightly moist at all times.

Water the seedlings regularly and thin them out if necessary but be very careful and do not damage the roots of the seedlings. When the plants 20-30 cm tall plant them out to their final position into a sunny spot. Height 60-90 cm.

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