Greek Oregano 1500 seeds
  • Greek Oregano 1500 seeds

Greek Oregano 1500 seeds


Greek oregano is a perennial mini shrub - like herb and has a strong scent and flavour. Very useful in tomato dishes, or making your own pesto. You can grow oregano from seeds in your dedicated herb bed, among the flowers in the border or in your windowsill. The small plants are very attractive,almost cute, and the flowers are really pretty and edible too.

Sow the oregano seeds from March onwards inside in small pots or trays. Oregano seeds are very fine, the best is to cover the seeds with sieved compost and place the tray in a polythene bag at about 18 Celsius. Germination can take up to 20 days. Water the pots from the bottom, saucer required, this way the fine oregano seeds will not be disturbed during the germination.

When seedlings are large enough to handle pinch some out if too crowded.

After all risk of frost has passed, plant in groups into final position. The strong growing plants will produce plenty of tasty leaves. Cut them as required.

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