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Chervil Curled 1000 seeds


Chervil curled (Anthriscus cerefolium) is an easy to grow annual. Traditionaly used in french dishes; in spring soups, stews and in salads as a micro green. Can be grown indoors in pots, or in your windowsill all year around or in the garden.

Sow the chervil herb seeds about 1 cm deep in a well prepared bed from June direct outside, leaving 30-35cm between the rows. If you have experience growing parsley then you will be able to grow chervil easily. Or sow indoors in pots. Sow the seeds every month in the season for a fresh supply of tasty leaves.

Thin out when seedlings are 10-15cm long, leaving 2-3cm between plants.

Water in dry spells and pick the leaves regularly to encourage further production.

out of stock