Introducing Plot 44

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Hi to all of you who are reading this my very first post on Seed Parade. Three years ago this month and I was offered my allotment , plot 44, which I accepted without even viewing it . It might only be 105 square meters but when I first actually viewed it I was a little overwhelmed as to where to start but once I did start and with the aid of fellow plotholders it quite quickly took shape .

This is how wet the ground was back on New Year’s Eve 2011

Here is how Plot 44 looked when I first viewed it on New Years Eve 2011

Anyway here I am just as 2014 is about to end and I’m about to begin the journey of documenting weekly what I have been up to on plot 44 and its progress . Of course the preparation of the allotment and growing of is only the start of the journey . My diet has been greatly enriched through growing my own and so too have my kitchen skills as I discover new recipes which help me enjoy my harvests . This week the weather has been against me as we have had quite a bit of rainfall here in the Northwest these past few weeks and the ground is quite saturated much as it was when I took on plot 44 back in 2011. One task I had to undertake before things got worse was to repair the framework of the fruitcage which had taken a bit of a beating from the recent strong winds . The cage itself is 7.5 meters wide , 3 meters deep and 2 meters high and occupys the rear of plot 44 where the allotment site borders an agricultural machinery factory whose trees deposit their leaves on to the fruit cage each autumn. The rain had prevented me from using electrical tools to repair the framework until Thursday afternoon when there was a break in the weather and this allowed to undertake the necessary remedial work . Whilst doing this task I noticed some of the raspberry canes were still in fruit .

The damaged fruit cage that needed urgent attention this week .

How the plot was looking this Thursday.

With the hectic schedule surrounding the run up to Christmas I don’t sow anything in the first three weeks of December . May I take this opportunity to thank you for reading and to wish you and yours a peaceful and happy Christmas . All The Best , Paul

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  • John peachey:

    great read
    Can’t wait till spring I’m on the plot this morning cropping for Christmas

  • Paul1sh:

    Thank you for reading John. Yes, I too can’t wait for spring it’s just the misery that winter usually brings that we have to endure first. Hopefully next year I will be able to grow all my Christmas dinner vegetables but with clay soil despite my efforts to improve the soil structure I’ve still had no success with root vegetables yet.

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