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It is closed now; thanks for all who applied! We have sent to about 30 schools so far and will send an other 30 before the end of March. Really sorry if you are not among those. We had lots of emails and we have only limited stock for this project. You should have sent an email as stated below and not comment here, but it is okay now.


Spring is on the way and hopefully more and more schools have a bit of veggie garden. To help some of the youngsters to get into gardening we run a free seeds for schools program again.

So if you run a gardening club in a school or collage send the address of the school to freeseeds @ Please note seeds will NOT be sent to private addresses. We have a limited stock but should be able to send to about 30 schools a variety of vegetable seeds which are best for the kids for example radish and rocket seeds.

30 Responses to “Free seeds for schools 2014”

  • Doreen gregg:

    Hawkshead Esthwaite Primary school
    Main st.

  • Doreen gregg:

    We have a garden club at Hawkshead school .
    We grow tomatoes
    And as much veg and fruit and flowers as we can fit in
    All children are involved age from 4-11
    We have great fun.

  • Mrs Timbrell:

    Furzeham Primary and Nursery School with Children’s Centre
    Higher Furzeham Road
    TQ5 8BL

  • Mr Philip Painting.:

    St John the Evangelist Infant and Nuersery School.
    Old Newtown Road.

  • Mrs E Chase:

    Brookfield Junior School,Swallow Road, Larkfield, Aylesford, Kent

  • Mrs Kell:

    Goxhill Primary School
    Barrow upon Humber
    DN19 7JR

    Kitchen garden started last year with good results. Children age range from 4 to 11 and all are enthusiastic ‘would be’ gardeners.

  • Sarah Vosmer:

    Fiveways playcentre,
    8 – 10 Florence Road
    BN1 6DJ
    We are a pre-school charity with children aged 2 – 5. Last year we made vegetable beds and grew our own veg and plants with the children. They also took lots of plants home.

  • Hazel Fullilove:

    Cobblers Lane Primary School,
    Cobblers Lane,
    WF8 2HN

    We have a new garden club for KS1 children and just starting to grow vegetables. I help the organizer (Helen Reed) and would be very grateful and pleased to receive some seeds Thank you.

  • Alun Williams:

    Hello – can you send our gardening club free seeds please – we have a club which is run by one of our governors and is primarily used to promote intergenerational learning.


    Alun Williams

    Ysgol Rhyd y Grug


    Merthyr Tydfil,

    CF48 4NT


  • Carol Guthrie:

    Hi, I am going to be running a gardening club with primary 3 and 4 pupils in our school grounds, the aim is let the children grow their own food and to share produce with the school. Thanks, Carol Guthrie
    The school address is
    Linnvale Primary
    Livingstone St

  • Christine warren:

    Hello I run an Eco club /Gardening Club every Wednesday at Heolgerrig Community school. we would love to be able to plant and grow our own vegetables. Last year we had a fantastic crop of strawberries but not much else.
    The school address is
    Heolgerrig Community school
    Merthyr Tydfil
    CF48 1sB

  • Chris Beasley:


    Please could you supply some free vegetable seeds to our gardening club at North Cotes Primary School, Sea Lane, North Cotes. Grimsby. N E Lincolnshire.

    Many Thanks.
    Chris Beasley

  • louise holt:

    I am currently setting a gardening club at my school, last year we had little time and resourses but managed to grow and eat potatoes, carrots,courgettes and onions but would love to grow anything. Any seeds would be much appreciated.
    Newton school
    Newton Road
    Many thanks
    Louise Holt

  • Carol Cowin:

    Kirkby Stephen Primary School, Nateby Road Kirkby Stephen Cumbria.
    Last year we grew pototoes marrows peas beans lettuce cabbage (eaten by catterpillars)and we have two small apple tress.
    This will be my first year taking over the School Gardening Club.
    Need lots of help please.
    Any seeds will be very much appreciated please.
    Many thanks
    Carol Cowin

  • John Cossham:

    We home educate. Can we apply?
    If so,
    Garden House
    129 Hull Road
    York YO10 3JU

    Thank you!

  • Eileen jordan:


    Blessed Mother Teresa’s
    Catholic Primary School
    Somerset Road
    ST17 9UZ

    I am writing as secretary of the PTA of our local primary school. we would love to be involved in the free seed projects. we have recently started allotments within the school grounds and any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    yours sincerely

    Eileen jordan

  • Sonja Woodcock:

    Chapel Allerton Primary School,
    21 Harrogate Road,
    LS7 3PD

    We are just starting a gardening club and would appreciate the support. Thanks

  • Debbie Murray:

    Our year 6 are doing a school garden this year after a few years of limited resources. Any free flower, herb and veg seeds will be greatfully received.
    Horton Kirby C of E Primary School
    Horton Road
    Horton Kirby
    DA4 9BN

  • Darren Darbyshire:

    St Gregory’s have just developed a recycled planting area out of old tyres we need lots of seeds to sow
    St Gregory’s
    Eaves Green rd
    Kind regards
    Darren Darbyshire

  • Angie Worley:

    We are in the third year of gardening club at Hugh Gaitskell Primary and we are goingfrom strength to strength with two Leeds in Bloom Awards abd two RHS benchmarks under our belt. All activities paid for by fundraising. Please send us some seeds four school wide Green Growing Day on 21st March! Mrs Worley Hugh gaitksell primary school st anthonys drive beeston leeds

  • Clare Brown:

    Hi there!!

    is it too late for this fab offer??? We are just converting a plot of land to help teach the children about animal husbandry and horticulture – we need as many seeds as poss and as with all other schools have to fundraise!

    Burford School
    Cheltenham Road
    OxX8 4PL

    Many thanks

  • A Flockton:

    Hoping we are not too late to ask for these. We would be delighted to grow some lovely seeds if we were lucky to get any.
    Kinellar School
    Fintray Road
    Aberdeenshire AB21 OSR

  • J Scott:

    Hope we are not too late for this fantastic offer of free seeds!!! We are a Primary School and are currently clearing a small plot of land to start our Gardening Club so that the children are able to produce their own fruit and vegetables which will then be used for snack time etc. We have limited resources so any free seeds are gratefully received.
    Thank you
    Christ Church C of E School
    Upton Road
    ch46 0PB

  • Bethan Williams:

    We are a pre school working towards our healthy and sustainable pre school award and would very much appreciate some free seeds.
    Flying start pre school
    St.aloysius r c school
    Cedar way
    Merthyr Tydfil
    Cf47 9 pa

  • Janelle Sheppard:

    We are a small school gardening club and would really appreciate seeds as our budget is limited and we are relying on any support we can get. We have both a vegetable garden and a wildflower/ nature garden.
    Many thanks.
    Holy Trinity CofE primary school
    Effra Rd

  • Karen Dzedzej:

    We are a charity run Pre school who wish to start a vegetable garden to help promote healthy eating, and an awareness or where food comes from. Thank you
    Mrs K E Dzedzej
    26 Sunnybank Walk
    West Yorkshire
    Charity number 1036824

  • Hayley Pitman:

    We are class 1 and 2 (KS1) at Antony School in Cornwall. At the moment we are spending a lot of time in our outside area, gardening and understanding what plants and flowers need to grow.
    We want to make our area one where we can spend some quiet times, reading, pond dipping, observing and den building. We have cleared an allotment patch ready to grow some vegetables or fruit.
    We are asking if you would help us in making our area one that will be enjoyed by all children in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 by donating us some seeds or bulbs to grow a range of food?

    Miss H Pitman
    Antony CEVA Primary School
    PL11 3AD

  • Mel Ward:

    We are a fairly new school with lots of virgin ground that will be covered in weeds if we don’t hit he ground running this spring. Any seeds, both flowers and veggies would be very gratefully received.

    Mel Ward
    Horbury St Peters Primary
    Shepstye Road
    West Yorks

  • Ann Williams:

    We are a Gardening club for Year 1 & 2 children. We grow flowers and veg to brighten up our school, learn about where food comes from, life cycles and enjoy sharing the harvest throughout the school. Resources are limited so any free seeds would be particularly welcome.

  • Ann Williams:

    Forgot the address!

    Park Lane Infants
    School Road
    RG31 5AS

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