Digging for Victory…

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oh no ‘only’ for broad beans and garlic (I love planting the big seeds on a cold autumn day). It was so wet and it is still so wet that I managed to dig only a very small patch which is not really enough as I like my broad beans a lot. The mulching I did on this patch back in early summer worked very well; the cardboard is completely broken down and some of the woodchips too, but not all of it as I did make the layer very thick.

The woodchips will continue to break down during the winter after I dug it in and it will improve the soil. I have seen many earthworms and wiggly red worms too which when I was digging which means the soil is improving as the worms go where there is plenty of organic matter. They help to break down the woodchipping and release the useful nutrients.

And the black cherry tomatoes are still producing in the greenhouse. Slowly but surely they are still ripening and have some flowers too. I will not touch the plants and will report back when I will pick the last fruits; hopefully in late November, fingers crossed.

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