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Thanks to Helen’s excellent post about mulching I have decided to give it a good go last night. I really don’t know why I did not mulch before especially when I have literally unlimited supply of cardboard and wood chipping. It is the perfect combination to make long term mulch and create some good compost on the way. I have this really horrible corner what I tried to fight over the years but the battle was lost every spring and nothing has really grown well there. I dug it up every spring and even manured it once and grown sweetcorn there two years ago, last year I had a few beans and a few tomatoes in that awful spot but the weeds come back stronger than anywhere else on the plot, weird. So here it is in progress.

You can see a thick layer of cardboard and a thick layer of wood chipping to weigh it down. (The wood chipping heap is 120 steps away from my plot and I needed 12 wheelbarrows of the stuff; good exercise!) Over the summer months hopefully all the weeds and seeds will die underneath and as the cardboard and wood chipping rots down it will create nice compost too. Just dig it over in the autumn and sow some lovely Aquadulce Claudia broad beans in there in October.


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