Kale Extravaganza!

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It’s a short blog today as this weekend we’ve been busy getting ready for our trip to India! We fly to Kerala on Friday evening for Christmas and New Year so needless to day are pretty excited about where we’re going to be spending the holidays!

Anyway, today we went down to the allotment to pick some veg for our Sunday roast that Steve is busy cooking at the moment. We picked the last of our parsnips and cut some leaves from our ‘cut and come again’ kale plants, which have done really well this year. We have four varieties of kale –‘Black’, ‘Red Russian’, ‘Redbor F1’ and ‘Westland Winter’ which will hopefully keep us going until the spring. Tonight, we’ve got a bit of each with our dinner, in what can best be described as a kale extravaganza!

Christmas has come to the allotment this week, a view not shared by the resident turkeys though I suspect! Jo (who runs our allotment) has been busy decorating the Club House with a homemade wreath and some other lovely decorations, it looked really lovely and festive!

Earlier this week, we also planted some herbs to grow in pots on the windowsills. Steve loves cooking with herbs so it’s really useful to have some growing in pots over the winter. So we planted some ‘Sweet Genovese’ basil, ‘Italian Giant’ flat leaf Pprsley, ‘Purple Ruffles’ basil, ‘Thai Siam Queen’ basil, holy basil, coriander and garlic chives, all of which you can get here on Seed Parade.

So that’s it for now, we hope you enjoy reading our blog so far! We’re looking forward to the new growing season and hope to share with you our growing anxieties, catastrophes and hopefully too, a few successes 😉

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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