A cold allotment day

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender October 28, 2012 Posted Tags: Comment 1 Comment

Finally it is cold now, the perfect weather to do some autumn/winter digging. Unfortunately though the soil is still very wet so managed to dig just enough to plant some broad bean seeds in. And of course as I was hoping that perhaps the soil will be a bit dryer next week it has started to rain again. Well, the story of 2012 still lives on: wet, cold makes it hard to garden and grow anything.

Enough of moaning though now and let’s see what are the advantages of winter digging. All the seeds what are on the surface will go deep down and won’t germinate first thing in the spring. Even in May I had the winter dug beds ready for planting, all I had to do is loosen the soil a little bit with a fork, as my soil is quite heavy, but it was pretty much weed free. Also in the spring there are lots of other jobs to do what you cannot do in the winter. And finally I do like digging in the cold, warms the body up and is so nice to have a sip of hot tea from the flask, hmm… okay I do sneak in a drop of rum sometimes.

Oh and back in early summer I found this wonderful Verbascum plant at the end of the allotment site, and now one just appeared on my plot on its own. I better watch it or I’ll have hundreds of it in a years time.

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  • Elaine Kelleher:

    Wish I had left digging my plot until the Winter, but I took it over in the summer and it was a terrible mess, lots of weeds etc. Never mine, have just thrown a lot of manure over it and hope to dig it in when the weather is a bit dryer!! On the bright side we have just moved our old garden shed up to the allotment for erection hopefully soon, curtesy of my husband. Looking forward to warming cups of tea, or better mulled wine in there on dreary winter days after some work on the plot.

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