Keep those Spring Onions Fresh

Howdy, Gardeners!

It was time to thin out my spring onions I have sown in a large container back in July and I was wondering how long they will keep fresh in a glass of water. 5 days in and they look happier than when they arrived from the plot. I used to store the spring onions in the fridge but they just got battered and the top bit gets wilted and unusable within a day or two. Sometimes one might end up with a lots of these beauties for example when you need to thin them out. You can of course do the same with the ones from the shops too. And don’t forget to use the green tops either, they are so delicious in scrambled eggs or in a cheese and home grown tomato sandwich or in a nice minty, raw summer salad. And the good thing is about spring onions that you can sow them in late autumn too in the greenhouse or propagator they will just need a bit longer to reach the pulling day.

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