Wow it’s March!!

I can hardly believe that March is here already! Mind you the last few days have been very spring like. I have seen a few very large bumble bees buzzing around. These will be females that have come out of hibernation, they will feed on early flowers, then look for somewhere to build nests, often old mouse holes. This got me motivated to create a new bee friendly bed out of my old rhubarb bed. The rhubarb grew so huge last year that it over grew the paths and made it difficult to pass.

I had already decided to move the rhubarb so after it had died down last year, I planted a plum in the centre of the bed in October. I had chosen a half standard Burbanks Tangerine plum, this would allow for planting beneath it. I have been growing some plants that are very attractive to bees, lots of chives, thyme, ammi, vebena and angelica. I planted chives along one side of the bed, garlic chives along another and when the thyme is large enough, they will go along another side. I planted out 3 angelica Ebony, these I have raised from seed. I love angelica but it can grow very large, this compact variety has deep purple stems and leaves with pink flowers, I also planted 3 cow parsley plants, the variety Ravenswing, these have black stems and white flowers, though one of them looks green! Never mind. Do check out the Seedparade seed shop, you can find lots of bee friendly seeds there and they are very easy to grow.

I have added a couple of clumps of Snakehead fritilleries and a number of clumps of a couple of snowdrop varieties, these will give the bees an early bit of nectar. If there are any gaps, I will fill them with ammi major and verbena or with annual flowers. Apart from feeding the bees, I hope to attract bees to the raised beds and to the nearby fruit trees and bushes, the bees are crutial to pollination. I have sown some red and white alpine strawberries which are currently in the propagator, these would make a good edging to the new bed also.

I had the company of some feathered garden visitors today. First in the morning came a flock of waxwings, there was about 20 of them! What beautiful birds, they look like some makeup artist has given them a flick of eyeliner! They were enjoying some old apples I had thrown out for the blackbirds. Later around lunchtime our resident pheasants came by to pick up any spilt sunflower seeds. There were 3 females but without their male companion, they must be nesting nearby, once they have layed their clutch of eggs the male clears off. His job is done and he takes no further part in fatherhood.

Although I had a good day in the garden, I did have a silly accident, it was just before I packed in for the day. I was clearing up, when I stepped backwards and caught my heel on the timber edge of the new bed! Down I went, backwards into the bed. Well there I was upside down in the soil, waving my legs in the air, looking like a demented turtle stuck on it’s back. Because of a spine injury I sustained after a bad accident some years ago, I cant get up forward, I have to roll onto my knees to get up. Trouble was I didnt want to roll onto my new plants to the left, but the timber edge on the right was hemming me in! Well after much grunting and shuffling about, I managed to get to my knees and right myself. All the plants survived my assault. Apart from feeling silly but glad that I hadnt been spotted, I escaped with a scraped ankle, bet there’s a big bruise there tomorrow. This will call for a couple of glasses of wine tonight, medicinal purposes only!

Tomorrow I hope to plant out my module raised broad beans, I do have a large cloche if the weather turns cold again. If I get time I want to move my raspberries to a new bed in front of the hedge, I can control them better there and as it faces west they do well. Now where’s that corkscrew!


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  • bob:

    Planted tomato and fennel seeds today and spotted a wren pottering round so things must be improving

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