Spring has Sprung!

As spring has sprung, we decided to spend Saturday afternoon down on the allotment and what a lovely afternoon it was! The sun came out and at times, it really did feel like spring was in the air!

We hadn’t spent much time down there recently so it seemed like there was a lot to do. I guess that’s always the thing with gardening. So we weeded all our raised beds and checked on how things were doing. The things we planted in late autumn last year like garlic, bunching onions and broad beans are all doing well, so that’s good to see!

We filled our last raised bed and cold frame with a mixture of topsoil, compost and charcoal. It’s good to know that everything is good to go as things warm up.

We planted out our broad beans (‘Aquadulce Claudia’) that we have brought on in our coldframe at home. We’ve been hardening them off by putting them outside during the day so hopefully they should be hardy enough to survive now. Fingers crossed!

We also planted a variety of early carrots, called ‘Nantes Early’ so hopefully they should do ok too! I’m looking forward to growing some successful carrots this year, as last year’s were a bit of a disaster.

Back at home, every windowsill is given over to propagating at the moment. It’s really good to see everything is starting to germinate and the seedlings are doing well. We followed some advice from here on the Blog on how to propagate chillies, peppers and tomatoes by placing sandwich bags over the pots and it really has worked a treat! We’re planning on growing all of these in the cold frame once they grown into strong seedlings…..


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