Crazy veggie bake

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It is crazy for more than one reason. Firstly I have never made it before, just opened the fridge and had a sudden thought. Secondly it does taste so nice it makes you crazy or just make you want more :)


5 large potatoes

2 onions, 3 medium sized leeks, 3 gloves of garlic

2 big handful of purple sprouting broccoli

1 broccoli

2 handful of Brussels sprout

slat, black pepper, oil

For the white sauce:

400 ml milk

2 tablespoon flour


slat, black pepper, nutmeg


Fry the onions, leeks and the garlic in sunflower oil. Steam the broccoli, the purple sprouting broccoli and the Brussels sprouts. The sprouts need longer steaming so you will have to do them separately, well it is a large amount of vegetables to steam so you would have to steam them in batches anyway.

Cook the potatoes without peeling them, you will peel them after they are cooked.

Season all the veggies during preparation with salt and pepper.

After the onions and leeks are fried and the brassicas are steamed just mix them together gently. Slice the potatoes about an inch thick. Place potato slices on the bottom of an oven proof dish, then a layer of the vegetables and an other layer of sliced potatoes and so on, I think it is best to finish with the potatoes on the top; but that is just my preference.

Make the white sauce by gently frying the flour in some butter for about a minute, then gradually adding the milk. Season according to taste.

Pour the white sauce over the layered goodness and grate mature cheddar on the top.

Bake it in the oven at 180 Celsius for about 45 minutes. Hmm… I really didn’t think it will turn out to be so delicious!



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