Chilli Mania.

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I always grow a few chilli plants as I like spicy food and I think the plants look lovely. This year the wider world of chillies has been opened up to me, and frankly I have been blown away! Gardening friends have introduced me to an exciting and amazing plant that I thought I knew, I was wrong. I had no idea how varied chilli plants are.

There are chilli varieties from Africa, Asia, Central, North and South America, Mexico, India, China and Eastern Europe. Chillies come in an amazing range and shades of colour such as, red, green, yellow, white, orange, peach, purple, black, and brown. Many chillies start one colour, then as they ripen they change, sometimes though a rainbow of colours, often all on the plant at the same time. They also have flowers and foliage in a variety of green shades as well as purple, black and multi coloured. The shapes they come in is even more varied, long, thin, round, pointed, as well as apple, starfish, hat and lantern shaped. I hadn’t realised the range of flavour and aromas, with many of the pods having herby, fruity or citrus flavoured pods, with a range of heat from none to head exploding.

Chillies are now included as a super food, containing antioxidants and lots of vitamins including A, C, and D.  The chilli ingredient, capsaicin, thats the stuff that causes the heat or burn, is been added to make medicines that are been used to treat anything from depression and diabetics, to cancer and arthritis.

Many varieties of chillies are very ornamental and look as good or better than any pot plant. Although it is true that many chillies like it warm to grow well, there are stunning varieties that like it cooler, and some you can grow outside in the summer in the UK. The milder types are usually hardier.

I grew 3 chilli varieties this year but already have seed of 20 different varieties for next year, with friends sending me most of those other seeds. I wont be able to grow them all, I dont have the room, but I will grow a couple of plants from as many varieties as I can.

Chilles are not only good for you they are easy and fun.  So join the Chilli Mania, become a Chilli-Head and spice up your life!

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