Lathyrus latifolius Everlasting Sweet Pea

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L. latifolius is the well know perennial sweet pea. Native to Central an Southern Europe and can be found in Japan and in North America where it is an introduced flower. Once it was widely grown in many English garden. Despite its lack of scent it is getting more and more popular again among keen gardeners. The mixture of seeds available are produce white, pink and purple flowers, wich makes a stunning display and give a year after year enjoyment.

The plant is a climber, so best to grow on trellis, on a south facing wall, or you can try to grow them in hanging basket for a cascading effect. Easily grown in any type of soil, but thrives in a well drained rich and warm soil. Prefers a sunny location, perhaps near to your patio where you can enjoy the beautiful flowers all summer long.

The sweet pea seeds can take long time to germinate, you can help the germination by soaking the seeds overnight, but most importantly by keeping the sown seeds in a warm place, at around 20 Celsius and the compost moist at all times. When the seedlings are large enough to handle just prick them out and grow them on at cooler conditions before planting out the strong and established plants to their final position. Choose their location carefully and support the plants as they grow or they can be left to grow as they wish if you have a wild corner in your garden.

The plants can reach a height of 2 metre and more and will need some attention or they will take over your whole garden.

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