3rd May to 9th May 2015 on Plot 44

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Due to incidents on May 2nd when our pet standard poodle fell down the stairs at home injuring his spine I was unable to spend any time at the allotment this week . Luckily for me the weather hadn’t been favourable for outside work either . I did manage to pay a brief visit to the allotment on Friday 8th May and this was just to check on the seedlings were doing in the polytunnel.

This year amongst the many “new to me”  vegetables that I’m trying to grow are Mexican Tree Spinach and Red Orach which I’d previously seen being recommended by Alys Fowler during her Kitchen Garden episode of the Great British Garden Revival series on the BBC back in 2014. Today I potted on these seedlings as they were getting too crowded for the seed tray that they germinated in.  It had to be noted that some self collected Coriander and Tomato seeds that I had sown at the end of March were growing well although my expectations of harvesting coriander were soon dashed as a few weeks later slugs had had a feast .

Collected Coriander and Tomato seeds sown at the end of March growing well

Collected Coriander and Tomato seeds sown at the end of March growing well


Mexican Tree Spinach & Red Orach on the right


Peas sown in April appearing amongst the Jerusalem Artichokes.


Other observations on the plot were that the peas sown in April were starting to appear amongst the Jerusalem Artichokes.
Until next time I thank you for reading/returning, Paul

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