1st -14th February 2015 on Plot 44

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My apologies to the delay in my update (yet again!) . I have had several distractions mainly since
following the strong winds a couple of weeks back I have had to carry out repairs to my garden fence
and am currently in the process of obtaining quotes for repairs to be roof . So amongst all that and
everything else that life throws at us we all forwards towards the spring and the summer . The hope is that the more we put in to our gardens and allotments now then the more we shall be rewarded when the
summer arrives .

Firstly I will catch up with what I have wrote about previously . Of the seeds that I had placed in the
heated propagator on the 18th January by 13th February only the Habanero pepper and the mixed
Aubergines appear to have germinated .The Aubergines were looking very leggy so I have re-potted them
deeper in to a plant pot along with the 2 Habanero seedlings and placed them in an unheated
propagator adjacent to the heated propagator . The reason the Aubergines are likely to have grown
leggy was the absence of natural daylight and so following the advice given on the SeedParade forum
I’ve purchased a 6500k daylight low energy 5w bulb and built a frame that will go over the 2 propagators
to a height of one foot above from which I have attached a light fitting connected to a timer so that the
seedlings receive 14 hours of daylight a day. All of this is set up on a small coffee table in the corner of
the dining room . To reflect the light back in on to the whole arrangement I have pegged two reflective car windscreen covers around the table using clothes pegs . The sweet potatoes still only have 1 out of the 4 that have developed roots and thankfully what were just 2 roots on that sweet potato have now multiplied and are increasing daily but still no sign of any top growth . The Winston potatoes are chitting well with so many green shoots already that I am tempted to put these first earlies in to the ground next week.

Most of the work carried out at the allotment has been just tidying and restoring parts of the plot such as painting the fence etc. as can be seen in the accompanying photographs . Anyway I thank you for

reading/returning . Until my next update I wish you all the best , Paul

After a quick coat of woodstain

After a quick coat of woodstain

Before the fence was treated.

Before the fence was treated.

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