18th January to 31st January 2015 on Plot 44

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Firstly my apologies that my weekly update has taken two weeks but this has more to do with life and the weather getting in the way . I’d managed to fall ill which my wife said was caused by digging up at the allotment in the wind and rain which naturally I disagreed I said I must have definitely picked up the chest infection at work . After all everybody knows that once you get several plot holders together work stops and you end up having a social gathering in the shelter of somebody’s shed .  So I guess we’ve established I’ve been a bit lazy so far this year and on the days when I’ve been able to go outdoors the snow or hailstones have been falling. January is a very frustrating month in the gardening calender and yet I always feel I should be doing something and that what I have done is never enough .

As I write this it is February 1st (white rabbits and all that) and I did manage to sort out a tub of seeds to be sown this month . I’ve an impressive list of 85 packets which rather than listing I can break down in to the following groups 18 packets of flower seeds,  60 packets of vegetable/ salad seeds (which include peppers & tomatoes ) and 7 packets of herb seeds .  Now I realise just how little space I have where I can put propagators .

Elsewhere the Covington Sweet Potato continues to grow its roots but out of the 4 tubers only 1 has roots at the moment.



On the plot I have been busy clearing paths from debris from the nearby trees . Apart from Jerusalem Artichokes I have been harvesting Spinach , Purslane , Mizuna and Swiss Chard despite the weather. With all the mention of Churchill these past 2 weeks it seems quite a coincidence that I’ve purchased some Winston seed potatoes which promise to be eelworm resistant – I’ve certainly got plenty of those still in the ground to put this variety that was launched back in 1992 to the test.



For now , I thank you reading /returning and wish you all the best until next week, Paul

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