Busy Weekend Tree Hugging

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Well Saturday was a beautiful sunny day with amazing blue sky. The wind was a little troublesome but i love to make the most of any sunshine we get. Braving the situation of a ladder, i am petrified of ladders, not so much the height just the actual ladders, they wobble around so much and i never feel as though my feet are firmly planted to some thing at least stable. Like the floor.
Anyway one rather large silver birch tree now logged up for fire wood.









Yes i am the one cleverly disguised as a koala bear clinging on to the tree, ladder and anything else that was not swaying around in the wind.

10 1112








Now all logged up ready for next winters fire wood.

Not a bad effort working on my own. So for the rest of the week i will be seed sowing so that i can use the excuse to sit down for a few days, because i ache.









Hope everyone else had a good weekend in all the sun, spring is finally here.

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