How to grow leeks from seed

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Sowing the leek seeds:

The seeds can be sown inside in the winter if you want crops in the autumn, however it is most common to sow in early spring indoors or later on directly outside. Sow the seed in a seed tray or in seed cells about 1cm deep in fine seed compost, it will help to separate the seedlings later on without damaging the fine roots. Outdoor sowings can be done in a well prepared seedbed if you wish to transplant the plants or directly to their permanent position. If you sow the seeds directly it will take the hassle out of transplanting the fragile seedlings later on, which is preferred by many gardeners. Germination can take 2-3 weeks. After the seedlings appear start thinning them out, leaving about 5cm between the plants. Later on, if sown in a permanent bed, thin the plants to 20-25cm apart.


A more traditional way is to transplant the seedlings from an earlier indoor sowing, into a well prepared bed. This is normally done in June, when the seedlings 17-23 cm tall. Make 12-15 cm deep holes, slightly trim the leaves (this is to compensate for any root damage during transplanting) and place the seedlings gently into the whole, setting each plant so that its leaves lie along the row not across it. That way you will be able to hoe between the rows more easily without damaging the leaves. Do not fill the holes with soil, just gently water the plants in regularly. Water the seedlings well in the first few days and when there is a dry spell.

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