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All is quiet on the front garden plot, with the weather rather unfit to do anything other than tie things down to stop them blowing away it seemed a great time to start planning my grow cabinet and organzing my seeds and checking out some new varieties that i would like to try this new season.

Excited at the prospect of my grow cabinet i began the week ordering all the required materials i would need.
Electric propagator, light fittings, grow bulbs and the reflective material i will be using to maximise the light.
Slowly but surely items arrived and i set myself the task to build this weekend, But no, let down by a delivery of only half a product either due to the damage by the courier or by the seller. Typical when the best made plans get hampered out of our control. So the grow light cabinet will have to wait for another few days before i write up a full what i made and how i did it.

On the plus side of the week, i was visited by a very late Santa Claus. kindly delivering a wide variety of chili seeds ( Thank You Mum ). Far to many for me to use on my own so i gladly gifted a few of each to the forum users here at Seed Parade.
Varieties i received were:-

I have sown 5 of each variety today and placed in the electric propagator time will tell how they do. However the 2015 Veg Competition has also opened up so i need another electric propagator now to fit everything in. It certainly is a good job that when i do finish my grow cabinet it is going to be big enough to house everything i will have sown.

Hopefully next week my blog will have a great grow cabinet to show off which with a very reasonable budget anyone can build. So i will look forward to making it and showing off the pictures this coming week.
Happy sowing, not long now and the spring will be here.

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