4th – 10th January 2015 on Plot 44

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At this time of year the actual amount of time I get to spend at the allotment is greatly restricted with the shortage of daylight hours ,work and domestic obligations along with extremities in the weather . On Thursday hailstones arrived and Friday brought constant rain . Today (Saturday) the day began with hailstone that later turned to rain thankfully this afternoon there was a break in the weather which meant I was actually able to do some work on the allotment. There are restrictions on our allotment site that prohibits the burning of vegetation and due to my plot composing of a clay soil I bury a lot of the dried vegetation as there’s too much to fit into my compost bins . This year will be the fourth year that my plot has been cultivated and is still suffering from an abundance of wireworms which are only dwindling slowly.

Burying the tops from the Jerusalem Artichokes

The only thing that I have harvested from the allotment this week has been Jerusalem Artichokes of which I grow 3 varieties but only consume one as the other two suffer from wireworm . Thankfully I have a small greenhouse at home in which this week I have sown SeedParade’s Leek (Giant Winter) , Onion ( Mammoth Improved) and Onion ( Long Red Florence) along with Onion ( Rijinsburger) and a trial seed (Leek Bluegreen Autumn Porbello) from other sources .

Elsewhere ,the sweet potatoes (Covington and Bushbok varieties) haven’t shown any signs of life yet . They are just suspended in their water filled jam jars on a west facing windowsill . The only attention I can give them at the moment is to change their water every 3 days.

For now , I thank you reading / returning and wish you all the best until next week, Paul


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