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Will I See In The Dark?


Growing carrots is easier than some people think, and growing them in containers is not impossible. In fact you can now buy carrot seeds that are specific to container growing because they are short and stumpy but wider than your average ‘ground grown’ carrots. The most important thing to remember with any root vegetable is that they hate being moved, because of this you should never start any rooties in one place, and then move to another when they get bigger. Where you sow, is where you will grow. Soil. Carrots like a sandy soil so that they can move easily in their ‘home’ while they are growing. They, like other rooties, are also thirsty all the time. The best way to check if your little ones need watering is to dip your finger into the soil (away from the veggies) to abou

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Seed Collection

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Gathering tomato seeds is not as scary as it might sound.  After growing a few different varieties you may find one that you like so much, that you want to ensure you will always be able to have the seeds to grow your own at home without the risk of the shop your bought them from not stocking them next year. All you need to do is take a few simple steps and you can guarantee that next year you will have the same tomatoes that have enjoyed in the past and without having to hunt down elusive seeds. Firstly, we need a few bits and pieces to enable us to gather those seeds, namely, a tomato. Pick one that is ripe from a disease free plant. You will need a bowl, a sieve, some water and some paper towels. Slice the tomato in half and scoop out the seeds with as little ‘jelly

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How To Save Tomato Seeds

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The tomato season is upon us and it is time to think about next years crop as well, not just enjoying the well deserved harvest. You can save your tomato seeds with a little work very easily. Open pollinated and heirloom tomato varieties are most suitable to save the seeds from, as the hybrid ones could not come true the next season, as being a hybrid they have been produced by crossing 2 different parent plants. Getting the best seeds: Choose the healthiest plants and the healthiest fruits to save the seeds from. Leave the fruits to ripen fully on the plant. The easiest to get your tomato seeds out to cut the tomato across the equator and scoop the seeds out into a small jar, bowl. The seeds protected by the jelly like liquid, this is what you have to get rid of nicely. Smelly bu

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Growing basil from seeds indoors or outdoors

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Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is a culinary herb from the family Lamiaceae. Originally native to India where it is cultivated for thousands of years. Basil is a wild plant now in the Mediterranean and used mainly in Italian cuisine, salads, sandwiches. The Italian tomato dishes being so popular here in the UK it is a must to grow some basil together with your tomatoes. Sowing the seeds If you want to grow the herbs on your windowsill the best time is to sow is from March all the way till August. If you planning to transplant the plants outside later on or if you will grow the basil in an unheated greenhouse then wait until late April or even as late as July. I have tried to sow inside in April but the seeds were slow to germinate and basil really needs higher temperatures. And planting

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Calendula officinalis – the forgotten herb and ornamental

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Pot marigold (Calendula officinalis), often called English or garden marigold is most probably native to southern Europe, although its long cultivation history can shade this statement. Commonly grown in every Mediterranean countries and here in the UK too, for centuries. Marigolds grown as hardy annual flower and can easily self sown so don’t be surprised to have the plants appear the next year. The leaves are oblong, 5-10 cm long, slightly waved or toothed and have tiny hairs. Cultivated as a flower in many garden, but can be a really useful herb. The seeds can be sown directly outdoors in May, or propagated in the greenhouse from April. The beautiful seedlings alone worth growing these wonderful plants. The leaves and the petals are edible and used widely in cosmetics, me

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Tomato trusses set but the fruits don’t grow

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It is commonly know as dry set. During the fertilisation period, the pollen dries out. When this happens only miniature fruits are formed and they will not grow any bigger. Usually the high temperature and the dry atmosphere to blame for such an incident. It can also be caused by infertile pollen. To prevent this to happen to your tomatoes, you should open the ventilation of the greenhouse regularly, especially in the middle of the day. If you don't have an automated system installed on your greenhouse and you know that you will be out all day,  it is better to leave the ventilation open in the morning. In very dry conditions you can create some mist around the tomato plants by spraying some water around them, don't overdo this as fungal disease love dump too, or just poor some water on t

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How to grow tomatoes from seed

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Come sowing time! Spring is approaching fast and everyone is getting ready to sow some tomato seeds. They are fairly easy to grow from seed and if you have a warm windowsill in your kitchen then the germination will not be a problem. For the tastiest fruits many gardener grow the tomatoes in a greenhouse, polytunnel or even in a conservatory. However outside growing is rewarding too, just make sure you grow the plants in the warmest, sheltered area of your plot, garden. Sowing the tomato seeds Ideally label and fill a small pot or a seedtray with seed sowing compost, firm down and water. Scatter the seeds thinly as most of them will germinate be careful not to over sow at this stage. Place the pot on a windowsill or warm light shelf to germinate, and within 2 weeks, you should see

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Tomato Cherokee Purple Seeds

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Cherokee purple tomato was widely grown in South America by the Cherokee Indians. The colour of the fruits is deep purple, dark red with green neck. Exceptionally good taste, in fact considered by many the best tasting tomato ever. Well the Russian black prince tomato and the black krim tomato are up for that title too, you just have to grow them and see the results yourself. It is one of the most famous black/purple tomatoes. Well in coloration the black tomatoes really only purple, we can not expect a heirloom tomato to be black really. The fruits are quite large, rather beefsteak style, and the taste is really worth growing these lovely tomatoes. What is heirloom you might ask. Well heirloom has many definitions, and by experts it is considered that all the varieties which can be

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