Tomato Cherokee Purple Seeds

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Cherokee purple tomato was widely grown in South America by the Cherokee Indians. The colour of the fruits is deep purple, dark red with green neck. Exceptionally good taste, in fact considered by many the best tasting tomato ever. Well the Russian black prince tomato and the black krim tomato are up for that title too, you just have to grow them and see the results yourself.

It is one of the most famous black/purple tomatoes. Well in coloration the black tomatoes really only purple, we can not expect a heirloom tomato to be black really. The fruits are quite large, rather beefsteak style, and the taste is really worth growing these lovely tomatoes.

What is heirloom you might ask. Well heirloom has many definitions, and by experts it is considered that all the varieties which can be traced back to the 1950s could be described as a heirloom variety. They are definitely open pollinated, which means that you can save the seeds from the fruits and the next generation will be the same as the previous one. While with the hybrid varieties it is not the case, but that is the subject of an other post. So if you want to try one of the most flavoursome heirloom tomatoes out there, we have a few in our shop. Pink Brandywine, Black Krim just to name a few.

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