Achillea ptarmica Ballerina 500 seeds


Hardy perennial Achillea ptarmica or commonly know as yarrow, seeds. Ballerina has compact truly double pure white flowers on branching stems 30 - 45 cm long. An improved variety for great display in the middle of the flower border. Very easy to grow, the yarrow plants tolerate most growing conditions. The long lasting flowers bloom from June till end of September, just make sure to cut back the spent flowers to encourage the yarrow plants to produce more.

The seeds need light to germinate so do not cover them. Sow the yarrow seeds on top of good quality seed sowing compost and do not cover the seeds. Germination can be slow up to 30 days. Sow the seeds indoors and make sure the compost is moist at all times. The yarrow seeds need plenty of water to germinate succesfully.

Transplant into individual pots in about 6 weeks after germination. And plant the yarrow plants to their final position in May.

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