Allotment Sunday

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After the rain yesterday morning the evening weather was a bit brighter so managed to get to the allotment.

There was a horrible corner, unfortunately I seem to have quite a few of those, and I have tried to grow potatoes there last year. It was going alright until the autumn as I can recall but after that I didn’t go near that place until yesterday; I thought I can pull the big weeds out easily after the rain. So there I had it half a row of potatoes growing nicely, obviously I forgot to dig them up last year, but I checked and small new potatoes are already appearing and last years spuds providing the new growth as they are breaking down nicely. So I decided to leave the plants in and dig them up in a month; best to eat my potatoes as soon as I can,  there is simply too much foraging to do in the autumn to do all the gardening.

After pulling lots of weeds out I removed the sideshoots of the tomatoes in the greenhouse, it is a job which needs to be done every other day in there, the plants are growing really fast. I love growing them inside, so much satisfaction and they are twice as big as the outdoor tomato plants. They are flowering nicely inside and I have seen few small insects and two bumblebees too around the flowers, definitely much less than on an average June day but looks like the flowers do set just fine.


And the lovely chillies are growing nicely, the one below is cayenne red. I feed all the plants every week with a nettle and comfrey feed.

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