Elderflower Cordial

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Elder trees are in bloom folks so get out there and pick some flowers, you don’t need too many to make a bottle or two cordial. I have just realized that there are two massive trees on the allotment site. There used to be more plots on this area and it is now completely wild with a big sort of meadow bit and lilac, plum and apple trees and all sorts of wild things growing around it. The sweet-scented flowers appear in masses in June – July in hedgerows, around wasteland or the edges of woodland. The best time to pick the flowers when the first buds start to open, but don’t worry you can pick them when they are in full bloom or even when they are finishing, you just might have to compromise on the taste but still you can make a nice drink.

Elderflower Cordial

0.5 kg of sugar

juice of 2 lemon

30-40 elderflowers

Pour 1.5 litres of boiling water over the sugar in a large sauce pan, stir well so the sugar dissolves dunk in the elderflowers and leave it overnight¬† to infuse. Strain the liquid through a piece of muslin or just a fine sieve. And there you have your very own cordial, could not get easier than that. This will keep for about a week in the fridge. This is only a rough guide you can add orange and lemon zest too, or more or less sugar or flowers. And if you want to store it for longer after you strained the liquid boil it gently for a few minutes adding a tablespoon of citric acid and pour it into sterilized bottles.¬† Try it with ice cold sparkling water and a slice of lemon…


9 Responses to “Elderflower Cordial”

  • Elaine:

    Sounds lovely, I will make some tomorrow, thanks you very much.

  • Colleen Barrett:

    I make Elder flower cordial each year and it would be best if you leave it until the fermentation dies down approx 10 days as if you bottle it too soon it will explode in the bottle as there is huge pressure build up. If bottling this quick will need a thick champagne bottle with cork and wire. I’ve used plastic bottles and then let some of the gass off every day. It is delicious though…..

  • Lajos Szabo:

    Boiling it for a few minutes will get rid of all the bacteria so it will not ferment… I never tried to ferment it, doesn’t it turn into wine if you let it ferment?

  • Sara:

    farminmypocket.co.uk/harvest/home-brewing/elderflower-champagne-recipe I think Colleen makes Elderflower Champagne which is amazing… I’ve just been treated to some cordial made by a friend recently and it’s really delicious – I’m going to make some myself this week now and maybe try my hand at the Elderflower Champagne too… Gives me something to do with all the old plastic pop bottles I’ve been storing.

  • Ian Simpson:

    Sounds great – can you clarify though, do you mean 30-40 flower heads or 30-40 individual flowers? Thanks!

  • Lajos Szabo:

    Hi Ian,

    Heads, sorry if it was confusing, you can experiment with less or more, adjusting the amounts will make the cordial weaker or stronger, no rules here really. You just have to use more or less water when you dilute it.

  • chrispy:

    i make it regularly, its delicious with cold soda water, Have also made elderflower and gooseberry, which is also delicious, this recipe courtesy of Nigel Slater

  • Badger:

    I’m just off home to bottle my elderflower & meadowsweet cordial. Similar recipe to above, but I used 25 elderflower heads & 5 heads of meadowsweet. Smells amazing, let’s hope the taste lives up! :)

  • granny:

    Try using half limes and half lemon, really ups the tangy taste. Recommends keeping for up to 6 months but just used my last bottle (Jan 2013) and still ok.

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