12th April to 25th April 2015 on Plot 44

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The weather has been very mixed indeed these past few weeks , scorching hot some days and hailstones falling the next . In the early hours in the north-west where I am we are still getting ground frosts which have slightly scorched the leaves on my early Winston potatoes. The plot is still not totally ‘up to date’ as I still have a long 30 point ‘to do’ list of maintenance projects and improvements that I would like to complete before the summer arrives time and weather permitting .WP_20150425_001

During this fortnight I have been harvesting rhubarb , swiss chard , spinach and leeks from the allotment whilst at home I have been harvesting chives , rosemary , parsley , bay leaves , thyme , sage , lemon balm and purslane  .WP_20150424_003

Hopefully this time next year I shall be harvesting more varieties of vegetables. I have potted on some Oca ( New Zealand yam ) that I have had chitting like seed potatoes on a window sill since I purchased them in February. WP_20150417_014On the plot I have made a long over due alteration to my 2 years old polytunnel by finally installing a doorframe and a door as opposed to the zipped entrance that had been failing since I erected the tunnel in March 2013 . The zips were disintegrating and with the strong winds it threatened the protection of the seedlings I had growing inside.


I have managed to empty all but one of my compost bins filling 2 small raised bed into one of which I planted turbo onions sets that I had growing in the polytunnel .

Until my next update I thank you for reading/ returning ,


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