the new season starts today

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traditionally I sow on new year’s eve as I stay home for the cats. They’re not frightened of the fireworks, but I just like to be there in case they panic or sth when all hell breaks loose at midnight.

This year I didn’t get prepped very well, no compost, no room, no anything really.

but today was the big day.

I’ve sown 30 varieties of chilies and bell peppers, very chuffed.

I also sown them in coffee cups for the first time, 3 seeds in every cup, so 3 of each variety. I  thought i’d try, I will just pinch out the weaker ones and not having to transplant and disturb the roots, we’ll see.

I’ve added labels and the sowing date as all chilies take more or less time, the hottest taking the longest  I find.

I’ve put the trays in front of radiator (usually on top, but the cats been chasing leafs being blown around outside and I didn’t want to risk my hard work).

I don’t have a heated propagator.




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