Small Plots Can Produce A lot.

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The joys of growing our own produce should not be limited to the space we have. With the need for new houses and land in great demand gardens are becoming smaller and space a premium resource. Living in a semi Urban area i am fortunate to have a reasonable sized garden for the family to enjoy at the rear of the property this is our space to retreat to on a quiet sunny evening with a glass of vino. However we have always wanted to grow our own vegetables so we looked out to the front garden.

In early 2014 we sourced a local farmer to deliver a good load of well rotted manure, Slightly more than we anticipated arrived but i set to work and made a raised bed which we would grow the usual beans, lettuces, leeks and the main general veg most people grow year in year out. This raised bed was not of a great size a mere 18 foot X 18 foot with a central path area. It really did not take long to fill up with the many varieties we wanted to grow.

We needed more space, so we looked at the gravel driveway. A very hard compacted area of ground covered in 20-30 millimeter gravel. I did not want to lose the driveway but have the option to grow on it and if needed move everything away if we needed to. It was a shopping trip in town that gave me the idea of using the fold up plastic potato and tomato planters available in many stores and range from £1 each or £1.50 for two. A very inexpensive way to grow many varieties in a foot print of no more than 18 inches square.

If space is limited there are many ways to grow our own, Such as in planters and pots or even vertical walls. If growing is something you have ever wanted to do but have been concerned about space it just takes a little more thinking outside the box or in our cases inside the box.

As 2015 approaches this new year will see how my small plot develops, what i am growing and what does well. I hope it gives some ideas, help, and tips to help anyone wishing to grow their own in a limited space.

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