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African Marigold Sunspot Mix 100 seeds

Sunspot is a compact african marigold, ideal for bedding work and in containers, popular in Britain. Sunspot mix is an open pollinated variety which performs as well as a hybrid one. The bright yellow and orange colours brighten up any bedding theme. 20-30 cm in height. Check out the growing...

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Ammi Majus 1500 seeds

Ammi Majus has lacy white heads, and fern like slender foliage. Used as a white filler in hand tied bouquets, but attractive on its own too. Ideal as a border filler, suites well among herbaceous perennials and looks great in a vase too, in fact florists use these often in the summer. Very...

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Antirrhinum Crown Mix 2000 seeds

Antirrhinum is a wonderful, tall annual flower and is native in the Mediterranean. They have strong growing flowering stems and many blossoms on one stem. Excellent for adding interest in borders, containers, tubs and on balconies. An easy to grow and popular annual flower seed. The best is to...

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Aquilegia McKanas Giant Mix 150 seeds

Aquilegia McKanas Giant is a hardy perennial. The plants are 70-80 cm tall. A new selection of varieties means larger flowers and up to 4 ins spurs. A fantastic range of colours including the combination of scarlet, crimson, yellow, blue and white. Plants are harmful if eaten. Prefers a sunny...

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Asparagus Jersey Knight F1 10 seeds

Jersey Knight is an excellent, modern hybrid, producing only male plants which produce high quality spears up to 2 cm thick. The vigorous plants produce many spears, does very well in the UK. Highly tolerant to crown and root rot, and fuzarium.

An excellent article on how to grow...

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Asparagus Mary Washington 200 seeds

Mary Washington asparagus produces dark green shoots and highly resistant to rust.

A perennial veg, which needs patience growing from seeds, and popular in the UK; the plants will produce tasty shoots year after year.

Sow the asparagus in March - April in trays or individual...

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Asparagus Pea 25 seeds

An easy to grow annual plant, producing unusual pods with a unique flavour. The taste, as the name suggests, is between asparagus and pea. Asparagus pea can be grown as a vegetable or as a ground cover ornamental as the flowers are very pretty dark maroon in colour. If you want to harvest the...

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Aster Carousel Blended Mix 150 seeds

The compact plants are only 15 cm tall and produce a mass of extra large heads. Ideal bedding plant. Aster Carousel contains of red, pink, purple and white blossoms. Excellent for borders, windowboxes or plant a mass for a carpet effect. Can even be used as a cut flower.

Sow the seeds...

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Aster Super Princess Mix 150 seeds

Super Princess is a well blended mixture of tall asters. Resistant to diseases. Vigorous plants with strong stalks bearing large double heads with crested centres. Ideal aster variety for cutting and for arranging. Enjoy these asters between August and October.

Sow inside at a...

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Aubergine Black Beauty 200 seeds

Large, glossy, deep purple skinned oval fruit about 13cm long. Fruit holds quality and colour well after picking. Best to raise this heat loving vegetable from seeds in the greenhouse, especially in Britain, to make sure you raise strong, healthy seedlings. Aubergines are high in potassium,...

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Aubergine Clara F1 20 seeds

This unique variety produces small (about 15cm) white fruits. For highest pruduction keep the aubergine plants under cover in your greenhouse or polytunnel; ideally above 20 Celsius at all times. A very popular variety in asian cooking. Aubergines are high in potassium, folates and magnesium...

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Aubergine Long Purple 200 seeds

Long Purple Aubergine is one of the most commonly grown variety. Produces good quality, dark fruits. The calyx is green and can be very prickly. Aubergines are high in potassium, folates and magnesium and a good source of Vitamins E and K and pro Vitamin A. If you grow peppers with success you...

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Aubergine Moneymaker F1 20 seeds

Moneymaker is an extra early aubergine, Glossy black not too long fruits and the calyx and the stems are attractive deep purple too. Aubergines are high in potassium, folates and magnesium and a good source of Vitamins E and K. Grow the Moneymaker aubergine under protection, in a greenhouse or...

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Balsam Dwarf Bush Flowered Mix 100 seeds

A dwarf bushy habit describes this annual flower. This balsam has up to 5 cm camellia-flowered double blooms of scarlet, carmine, purple-rose, salmon, shell pink and white. The compact 20-25 cm tall plants producing all summer long. Good drought tolerance, suitable for containers, tubs,...

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Basil Cinnamon 200 seeds

Cimmanon basil has purple stems with small purple/white flowers. Leaves are green on top and purple spotted/streaked underneath. Cinnamon Basil is widely used in Vietnam, excellent in different Asian soups, salads and stir fried dishes. The seeds themself are used too not only the plants. The...

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Basil Greek 500 seeds

This Greek variety is very compact with small leaves. A fantastic, strong growing herb, excellent in any kitchen garden. The plants are very pretty, almost good as an ornamental if you like green foliage in your garden. And the flavour of the leaves is outstanding and somewhat different than...

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Basil Holy 200 seeds

Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum) also called tulsi. It contains high level of the essential oil eugenol and it has been used in Ayurveda for a very long time. Native to India and it is widley cultivated in South East Asia. Also widely used in Thai cuisine.

Sow the holy...

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Basil Italian Classic 800 seeds

Probably the most popular basil on the market, Italian Classic (used to be called Sweet Genovese) is a large-leaved, attractive and very reliable variety. This scented plant is our most popular herb seed. Delicious in all tomato-based dishes, this heavy cropper prefers a sunny position and...

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Basil Lemon 200 seeds

Lemon Basil (Ocimum citriodorum) has a strong lemony smell and flavour. It contains the chemical called citral which is found in citrus fruits. Lemon Basil is widely used in Indonesia, where herbs are essential in everyday cooking; excellent in raw summer salads and with fish and duck. The...

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Beetroot Avalanche F1 200 seeds

White Detroit beetroot as easy to grow as any other beetroot. The globe shaped roots are tender and sweeter. If you don't really like beetroot, this is a must try variety. Useful in cooking as it will not turn everything else red in your kitchen.

Sow white detroit thinly, early...

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Beetroot Boltardy 300 seeds

Boltardy has excellent sweet flavour, smooth skin and deep red tender flesh. And this variety has very good resistance to bolting. One of the most popular variety amongst the root vegetables in our online shop. 300 seeds cost only 99p. Great for the UK climate. Keeps well in the ground till...

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Beetroot Bull's Blood 300 seeds

Beetroot Bull's Blood is a good looking beetroot, grown mainly as a salad leaf crop but can be fully grown for its roots, which are softer than other varieties and very deep red and sweet.

The deep red leaves make this variety an added interest in baby leaf salads. Grow as a cut and...

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