Agastache Liquorice Blue 80 seeds


Agastache Liquorice Blue is a half hardy perennial but the best to grow it as annual as the plants will flower in 9 - 11 weeks after germination. Best grown as an annual.The long flower stalks make this variety a great cut flower. Bees and other nectar loving insects love the blue flowers of the Agastache. Agastache can grow up to 100 cm tall, and branch out 30 - 40 cm. Brilliant deeper in the flower bed behind the border, or try to plant them around the greenhouse to help the bees finding their way into the greenhouse to pollinate you vegetables.

Agastache is originally from Asia where it grows as a perennial on river bunks, damp open forests. Agastache prefers full sun and well draining moist soil.

The leaves have an anise like scent and flavour and they are widely used in making tea, and for seasoning. 

Sow the seeds indoors in the spring, the seeds need around 20 Celsius to germinate. Do not cover the seeds as light is needed for successful germination. Aclimatize the young plants to outddor conditions before planting them out to their final position. The germination can be eratic and long so make sure you keep the seeds moist by watering the propagation tray from the bottom so the seed sowing compost can soak up the watre, because if you water the trays from the top you can disturb the seeds. 

Agastache is truly a versatile plant, bees love it, you can use it in the kitchen and as a cut flower too.

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