Agrostemma Queen formula mix 200 seeds


This mixed Corncockle was bred from the wild corncockle. The mix of white, mauve and purple flowers makes this half hardy annual a great addition to any garden. A must have if you want to create that cottage garden feel. Very easy to grow from seeds and the flowers can self seed every autumn.

The corncockle plants can grow up to 90 cm tall.

Agrostemma used to be everywhere in the British countryside but nowdays it is not that common. A very good flower for cutting, and also attract pollinating insect to the garden or allotment.

Sow the Agrostemma seeds directly outside where they are to grow. Sow the corncockle seeds about 1 cm deep into ell prepared and well raked soil. Sow the seeds in the spring late March - early May. The best wey is to gently scatter the seeds in a small are or you can sow them in a row, leave 30 cm between the rows.

Corncockle does not need much attention during the growing season, just make sure the plants do not dry out in hot spells, and also remove the spent flowers and stems too to encourage further flowering. With a bit of care corncockle can bloom from late May till September.

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