Antirrhinum Crown Mix 1000 seeds


Antirrhinum is a wonderful, tall annual flower and is native in the Mediterranean. They have strong growing flowering stems and many blossoms on one stem. Excellent for adding interest in borders, containers, tubs and on balconies. An easy to grow and popular annual flower seed. The best is to plant them in groups in your garden so you can enjoy their fragrance.

This nanum type Crown Mixture grows to a hight of 40-50 cm and has an excellent colour range. You can buy these flower seeds for only 99p for 2000 seeds. Antirrhinum or snapdragon prefers a sunny location.

Sow the seeds on a top of a good quality seed compost and do not cover them, only push the compost a bit down with your hands after sprinkeling the seeds on the top.

Place the seed tray in a heated propagator or in a clear plastic bag, so that the temperature for germination is above 20 Celsius. Germination takes 10-20 days, do not exclude light as it helps germination. Sow the seeds from February to March inside in heated conditions or April-May in unheated greenhouse.

When seedlings are large enough to handle transplant them into small pots. Gradually acclimatise the plants to cooler conditions before planting them outside to their final position after all risk of frost passed in your area.

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