Honeywort, Cerinthe, Major purpurascens 8 seeds


Honeywort  has fleshy, oval green leaves (with a hint of blue), mottled with white and rich purple-blue, tubular flowers held inside sea-blue bracts. Purple, blue nodding flowers, very rich in colour, sitting on strong stems and protected by green, then later blue, bracts. The thick blue-green leaves are equally attractive. About 70cm in height, the flowers produce lots of seeds, which can be saved.

The flowers attract honey bees and bamboo bees (as in picture). One of the most popular flowers among honey bees, as the name Honeywort suggests.Sow the Cerinthe seeds inside from late March in small pots 1-2 cm deep in compost, 2 seeds in one pot, or sow in seedcells, one seed per cell; later, may need repotting into bigger pots before planting out. Keep the soil moist, do not overwater.

Plant out to final position when about 15-20 cm tall; plants like rich soil and plenty of water. Alternatively sow outdoors from late April in a fine, prepared bed.

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