Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting 500 seeds
  • Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting 500 seeds

Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting 500 seeds


Very easy to grow, hardy winter vegetable. Early purple sprouting broccoli and green sprouting calabrese contain lots of antioxidants and are high in Vitamins C, A.Provide many delicious purple spears during late winter and early spring when other vegetables are not available in your garden.

Sow the seeds in a prepared seed bed in the spring about 1 cm deep when the soil has warmed up late April, or sow the seeds indoors in March in good quality seed compost at a tempearture of at least 15 Celsius. When the seedlings are large enough to handle plant them into small individual pots and grow them on in cooler conditions, and acclimatize the plants before planting them out to their final position April - early May.

Thin the seedlings if required if you sown them in a seed bed, and plant to final position when they have 4 true leaves.Protect the plants from slugs and birds in the early stages. Water well when transplanted and look after the plants until they become established. Broccoli will grow in moist soil and doesn't require too much care.

Harvest the purple shoots as they appear to encourage further production, from late winter to late spring.

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