Gherkin Mohican F1 15 seeds

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Cucumber Mohican has mainly female flowers. Peronospora resistant. Ideal for pickling when smaller in size, pick just 2 days after the flowers set and have as a mini Cucumber & Gherkin or let it grow bigger and enjoy in salads, sandwiches. Great variety for outside growing.

Sow gherkin seeds under cover from April about 2 cm deep in fine seed compost. Sow 2 cucumber seeds per small pot/seed cell, and keep the strongest seedling.

Transplant the seedlings into bigger pots when large enough to handle and keep inside until the last chance of frost has passed. Prefers sunny location and well drained, rich soil.

Can be trained on trellis or grown flat on the ground.

Most delicious when picked smaller in size; ideal for pickling, does not get bitter.

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