Calendula Playtime mix 75 seeds


Calendula Playtime mix is an easy to grow, prolific and very pretty hardy annual flower. The seeds are easy to germinate and grow. The plants bloom fairly quickly, normally in 2 months. The result of the breeders playing with a number of different crosses, providing a stunning mix of single, semi-double and double blooms in a variety of bright, pastel and buff colour. Ideal for adding interest to borders. Prefers sunny location, can be grown in any soil type. Recommended as a companion plant by many gardeners to grow around tomatoes, peppers to repel black and green flies and other harmful insects.

Sow the Calendula seeds from late March onwards inside or outside from May, in small pots, or in fine seedbed. Sow the marigold seeds about 1 cm deep and keep them at a temperature of 18-22 Celsius. The best place to start them off is an unheated greenhouse in April. Can be sown directly outside from late May onwards all the way till July for late flowering.

Transplant outside from late May, to a sunny/partly shady position. Acclimatize the young plants to outdoor conditions before planting to final position. Leave 20-30 cm between the plants. Remove the dead flower heads continuously during the summer months, this will encourage the plants to produce more and more flowers throughout the whole growing season. Pot marigold reseed easily and the next spring you will have small marigold seedlings popping up where you had the plants the previous year.

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