Oriental Poppy - Papaver Orientale New Hybrids 500 seeds


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This wonderful and attractive oriental poppy has lovely blooms in a wide range of colours, including salmon, white, crimson, scarlet and orange. These gorgeous flowers make a great perennial border or a stand alone perennial flower patch. Grows well in most soil types as long as there is enough drainage. Flowering in the spring with 12 cm flowers on architectural stems that are about 50 cm long.

Sow the oriental poppy seeds in the autumn under cover or in the spring from late February to June. DO NOT COVER the seeds as light helps germination which can take 2 - 3 weeks. Use a good seed compost if you can and make sure you do not water from the top as it can disturb the germinating seeds. The ideal temperature is around 15 Celsius.

Transplant the seedlings into their permanent position when they are large enough to handle, and when there is no risk of frost. The autumn sowings can be overwintered under glass and planted out in early spring.

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